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Fractional ownership is generating huge amounts of interest as consumers are becoming increasingly aware of its many benefits over whole ownership.
Here at Fractional Life, our aim is to bring you all you need to know about fractional ownership, including information, news and the latest products and offers. We'll help you make the right decisions as you discover the benefits of fractional ownership and transform your lifestyle.
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Shared Ownership

Fractional ownership and asset-sharing can be an ideal way to get the most out of your investment by purchasing only the shares or time you require from an asset. All other aspects are split, both the benefits and the costs, among a limited number of shareholders or members. The most popular forms of fractional ownership are:

Fractional Property

Fractional property offers the benefits of owning a holiday home without the associated hassle ?and at a lower entry cost. 闂傚倷鑳剁划顖毭洪敃鈧嵄婵$偓?buyers own a fraction of the freehold of a property which entitles them to a number of weeks?use. Maintenance costs are shared between buyers and many fractional developments now offer the opportunity to swap some of your allocated time through a fractional luxury exchange network.

Fractional Aircraft and Jets

An increasingly popular option for the cash rich/time poor, private jets are a cost efficient and convenient option for busy executives. Among the options available are direct fractional shares in an aircraft or the purchase of a set amount of flying time on a 闂傚倷鑳堕、濠冪椤掑嫭鍎嶆い鈺佹▓tional jet card? Similar deals are also available on fractional helicopters.

Fractional Classic and Supercar Clubs

Whether you have fallen for the sleek lines of a classic or the raw power of a modern supercar, joining an asset-sharing car club gives you access to your dream at times convenient to you, while taking care of all the maintenance and garaging issues.?/p>

Fractional Boats and yachts

A fractional share of a luxury motor cruiser or yacht offers a wonderful lifestyle option as well as a cost efficient way to share mooring fees, crew insurance and other associated costs with other owners ?in effect you only pay for the time you use, while benefiting from any profit made when the boat is eventually sold.

Other markets where fractional ownership is making a splash include art, wine, racehorses and even handbags. For a full list of our comprehensive fractional ownership options, click here.

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