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Welcome to the Fractional Life December Newsletter
Fractional LifeIt has been an interesting few months in the fractional world- and although for many fractionals may offer a port in the current economic storm, as businesses they are not immune from the general downturn and there have been some casualties.

Yet it is important to remember that these cases are the exceptions rather than the rule and there are still plenty of excellent opportunities available- in fact, some of the best deals are available right now as fractional operators vie for your business and offer deals that reassure the risk conscious (isn't that all of us!) that should the worst happen their exposure is minimised. As ever, due diligence is the key.

But what else has been going on? Here's a round-up of some of the news items you may have missed. More stories can be found in our News section and our Homepage is regularly updated with the latest headlines.

Research predicts Fractionals will be first to emerge from downturn
“While the recent financial crisis has affected every element of the real estate market, in the long term, shared-ownership products such as fractional interests are likely to be the first to rebound" to find out who is behind this quote and the full story that accompanies it please continue here.

Middle East’s First Supercar Club
Scuderia 250The power of luxury driving, purring engines and sleek motor silhouettes has arrived in Dubai with the launch of Scuderia 250, the Middle East’s first exclusive supercar club. Read on here.

Image Revamp
On the topic of cars- you may have noticed some cool new images at the head of our Classic and Supercar categories. These are part of a general site overhaul and have been provided courtesy of friend of Fractional Life- Steve Hall. Steve is an automotive photographer who has been featured in many print and digital publications. Find out more about Steve's work here.

Homes Overseas Awards 2008Homes Overseas Awards
The crème de la crème of property awards, The Homes Overseas Awards took place in London's Mayfair on Friday 28th November and there were two big fractional winners. Discover which companies walked away with the trophies by checking out the full list of winners here.

OPP Live 2008OPP Live '08
The Overseas Property Professional show took place at Excel Exhibition Centre, London last week with fractional ownership of property the ‘buzz’ of the show. Our write-up can be found here.

Fractional Life sponsor Ragatz Fractional Ownership Conference
Fractional Life is delighted to announce it will be sponsoring the Ragatz Fractional Interest Conference, San Francisco, March 9-11 2009. The conference will feature presentations from over 60 speakers, including representatives from the land development, hotel, finance, legal, internet and public media industries.  For full details continue here.

Fractional Summit
Fractional SummitWith all this talk of events past and future we can't forget the 2nd Fractional Summit which will be taking place in April 2009. Once again the Summit will be held in association with your favourite fractional ownership resource (Fractional Life of course!) For further information including a provisional timetable and booking info simply click here.

Fractionals and FatherhoodBaby Brown
Traditionally news reports close on a light-hearted item and the Fractional News is no exception- Piers Brown, Founder of FL shares a whimsical look at being a father for the first time in the midst of the collapsing economy, and how the credit crunch and babyhood are actually related...

"Being a new parent and the current financial situation seem to share some similarities... the sleepless nights, the worry about the cost now (wow, these babies are expensive!) and how much it will cost us in the future (double wow- apparently the costs just keep going up!) strike a certain resonance.

However, if we look to the future, soon enough normality (and hopefully more sleep) will return to the world and those companies who have planned for the future will thrive. As was seen in the Tech boom / bust often those companies who continue investing in marketing through the leaner times will come out stronger and more profitable at the other end.

In a slowing economy there is inevitably increased pressure to get more ‘bang for your buck’. With online advertising set to become even more prominent over the next year, businesses can’t afford not to invest because if your business is not being found in the right environment online,  then unfortunately it’s very likely that your competitors are.

So if I can just formulate a plan that will cover the costs of school / university / wedding etc. etc..."

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