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Fractional Life March Trade Update

See Fractional Life at next week’s A Place In The Sun ShowClick through to www.fractionallife.com
Fractional Life will be at next weekend’s A Place In The Sun show, 3 – 5 April at Earls Court, the UK’s largest multi-country consumer property show, showcasing a unique “Fractional Seminar Theatre” that has open audience seating. The objective as ever, is to drive consumer awareness and grow the fractional property marketplace.

Selected Fractional Life Clients will be presenting throughout this 3 day event about the many benefits of fractional ownership whilst showcasing their fractional development(s) to a ‘fractional savvy’ audience. If you would like to get involved, contact Piers@fractionallife.com for more details.

Only 4 weeks remain until Fractional Summit 2009. Tickets selling fast. Miss it, Miss out
Fractional Summit 2009With only 4 weeks to go until Fractional Summit 2009, Europe’s fractional property conference we’re already looking forward to welcoming delegates from all over the world including the UK, Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, USA, Cyprus, Thailand, South Africa, Dubai, Ireland and Cape Verde to name but a few. Don’t miss out, book now – www.fractionalsummit.com

Please note Fractional Summit 2009 takes a completely impartial approach towards growing the fractional property marketplace and should not be confused with other ‘fractional awareness’ days, property seminars, workshops or conferences by any other name.

Limited tickets available.  Continue here

Fractional Lifer Survey
Want to know the state of the current European fractional property market, future market growth projections and more…..pick up your copy of Europe’s first fractional property study at Fractional Summit -read all about it!

Only one week remains to submit your entry to the Fractional Life Awards – It’s not too late, enter now!
View the details at this link and entries can be summited online here

Take off your Google goggles
Fractional Life website
Many of us know about the pros and cons of Google adwords, however when the ‘fractional ownership’ sponsored search keyword term tops £1.75 per click to get to the top of the rankings (like it did last week), it can become rather expensive very quickly to get noticed. Particularly when you consider 99 times out of 100 the viewer clicks on the top ranked natural search listing anyway, which in this case is Fractional Life.

Comparing this in practice, here’s the results for a recent Fractional Life advertiser who took out a 12 month Featured Listing (£4,999)

In a single quarter (Jan – Mar 2009) we have already generated 2,862 clicks simply as a result of the Featured listing.

2,862 clicks for a high profile campaign with Google would come to £5,009 in three months alone.

Considering our campaigns are based on 12 months we are extremely good value. If your product is of genuine quality, and you have confidence in its structure and pricing; there will not be a more receptive audience than that of Fractional Life. Click here to continue.

Things you may not know about Fractional Life

  • The most popular sections of the website are the Top 10 Fractional Focus and Newsletter Sign Up
  • The website is on target to hit 1,000,000 hits+ for the month of March alone, our best ever.
  • Fabrizio Harper’s great Grandfather was Chairman of Queens Park Rangers Football Club
  • Sandra Rodrigues is due to give birth to her third baby in June 2009
  • Aaron Weddell will be test driving the new Nissan 370Z in France this week
  • Ruan Geyser used to sell Paintball experiences
  • Piers Brown’s father raced works Ford GT 40’s at the 24 hours of Le Mans in the 1960’s.

Fractional Life hosts Event at CrushPad Wine, San Francisco
Whilst at the Ragatz fractional conference we had some fun wine blending with invited guests at CrushPad Wine. Continue here

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Check out www.fractionallife.com for the latest fractional ownership and asset-sharing opportunities. No matter what your budget, there's something for you there and the beauty of it is that you decide. Fractional Life will help you make informed decisions to allow you to enjoy your lifestyle when you want it and without the usual financial or time constraints.

Fractional Life: The Smarter Way to Own 

Click through to www.fractionallife.com
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