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Welcome to the latest Fractional Life Newsletter

Fractional Supplement

Last week 'A Guide to Fractional Ownership' was distributed to c.1,500,000 readers with the Daily Telegraph newspaper, the UK’s most popular ABC1 broadsheet. If you missed it then never fear as you can download your copy (free of charge, of course!) here.

Articles Section

Over the coming months we’ll be expanding our Articles section with key contributions from fractional  operators within each sector offering up relevant and useful information for readers to enjoy. If you’re interested in becoming one of the chosen few, email Aaron@fractionallife.com for more details.
New Condo Hotel Section

With the recent boom in buy-to-let hotel room opportunities in the UK and around the world , we’ve just launched an entirely new category devoted to the subject. Continue here for more details.

Fractional Life doubles its global Internet user traffic – can you afford to miss out?

Over the last 3 months we’ve been attracting more and more visitors and site subscribers keen to keep updated with what’s happening in the world of fractionals – an increase of 103% in visitors! See here for the statistics.

This coupled with a c.200% increase in the amount of pages viewed means if you’re serious about attracting fractional savvy prospects, there’s no better place to advertise than on Fractional Life.

To take advantage of this, we’re offering a 10% discount to the first 5 new listings. Simply click here, and follow the instructions and input ‘FL10’ as the promotional code. This offer will be withdrawn immediately after the 5 new listing packages have been taken.

If you would like to discuss targeting our growing user and subscriber base contact Fabrizio@fractionallife.com or call US: +1 646 452 9500, UK: +44 20 8340 7989

Fractional Summit 2009

Fractional Life is pleased to announce the fractional ownership property conference, ‘Fractional Summit 2009’ will be taking place in April again in London. If you’re interested in speaking and / or taking a sponsorship package to raise your company profile at the most popular fractional property conference in Europe, contact piers@fractionallife.com for more information.

Delegate ticket booking information will be supplied shortly.

Read the reviews about Fractional Summit 2008 at these links- link 1, link 2, and link 3.

Fractional Ownership Consultancies

With the credit crunch biting on a daily basis we’re seeing more and more companies looking to enter the fractional ownership marketplace and take advantage of the recent growth in the sector. Whilst it is all too tempting to go it alone and launch, it is well known that the ultimate cost to the uninitiated of failing to seek proper professional help in this field can prove both costly and challenging, particularly in uncertain times.

The fractional consultancy specialists listed on Fractional Life undertake assignments of many types - from advising private clients and entrepreneurs at the assessment or pre-purchase stages on the one hand, to exploratory feasibility studies, turnkey or ongoing project management for major operators, on the other.

Check out our Consultancy category listings here

The Hideways Club launch Mauritius development

As Mark Twain once said "You gather the idea that Mauritius was made first and then heaven, and that heaven was copied after Mauritius."

So we greet the latest news from The Hideaways Club, Europe’s most exclusive fractional ownership property destination club, with no small degree of anticipation- the imminent launch of its 15th property in the beautiful island of Mauritius.

The Hideaways Club offers its members ownership, investment and usage of a portfolio of luxury properties located across Europe, the Mediterranean, and beyond, all of which are fully maintained with both UK and local concierge services. Current locations include France, Italy, Morocco, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Majorca Turkey, Croatia, Mauritius and Malaysia/Borneo.

Property Director Martin Mitchell, said: ‘we are always looking for luxury properties in locations that will increase the value of our portfolio. We are delighted to announce that we have recently closed the purchase of land in the Villas Valriche development, located in Bel Ombre, on the bottom western side of the stunning island of Mauritius, which will soon be added to our property portfolio’.

The construction of this beautiful 4 bedroom property, designed by the award-winning architect J.F. Adams, will begin in the next few weeks and will be available for our Members to enjoy from summer 2009.

Keen golfers will be pleased to know that Villas Valriche is located on the magnificent 18-hole golf course Du Chateau, designed by Peter Matkovich. The Hideaways Club Associate Membership is developed with golfers in mind. It gives members 2-3 weeks to use anyone of the portfolio of properties, for a cost of £115,000.

For more information log onto www.thehideawaysclub.com or email info@thehideawaysclub.com

This is just one of our many news stories- keep up with the latest fractional headlines with our reguarly updated News section.

Middle Class Millionaires – who are they and discover their buying traits?

The Middle-Class MillionaireDespite the gloom in the US, 8.4 million households make up a new generation of millionaires termed the ‘working rich’ who originate from the middle classes in the late 20th Century demonstrating a net worth over $1 million but under $10 million (including their primary residence).

With industry estimates expecting this figure to balloon to around 20 million over the next 10 years, this demographic group mirrors many fractional consumer buyer traits and they are becoming increasingly sought after within the fractional landscape.

Fractional Life has teamed up with Lewis Schiff,  author of “The Middle-Class Millionaire” –the rise of the new rich and how they are changing America, to have a bit of fun and give you the opportunity to discover more about who they are and how to become one yourself by taking a short ‘millionaire psychology’ quiz. Simply click this link and follow the instructions on screen.

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