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Sorrell - 'it’s all over for the ‘era of consumption’Sir Martin Sorrell
“Conspicuous consumption is not productive, and should be discouraged.” – Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO and Founder WPP.

We enjoyed reading Alex Benady’s recent commentary on the end of Consumerism and thought it offered some interesting insight on how quickly life’s changing and its impact on fractional ownership.

Alex writes articles published in Campaign, The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Times. Take a look here and read his full Campaign magazine article at this link.

Fractional Property Conferences
Fractional Summit 2009Registration for Europe’s 2009 Fractional Summit is now open. Building on the success of the 2008 event, Fractional Summit 2009 is now a two day event and offers a unique opportunity to meet all the key fractional property movers and shakers under one roof - Fractional Summit an event not to be missed.

This year's theme "Fractionals - the reward, the opportunity" explores the various different facets of the fractional property marketplace and why the industry continues to gain marketshare in these challenging times. For further information including a provisional schedule and booking information continue to the Fractional Summit micro-site.

RagatzContinuing the theme of conferences- registration for USA’s 2009 Ragatz Associates Ninth Annual Fractional Interest Conference is open. Continue here for the story.

Homes Overseas Magazine
Homes Overseas AwardsWith the Fractional Life sponsored 2008 Homes Overseas Magazine Awards just one week away, we’re delighted to announce Fractional Life will be writing a monthly column dedicated to fractional property ownership in the magazine.

The full story is available here and you can check out our Events section for further details of the 2008 Homes Overseas Magazine Awards, including ticket purchasing.


Online Consumers and the UK / US Divide
A leading internet resource!Online shopping is expected to increase globally in 2009, but there is a difference between the purchasing habits of US consumers compared to those in the UK.

The average UK consumer will spend 40 percent more online than the average US consumer and make 24 percent more purchases online, according to a new study from Jupiter Research, commissioned by LinkShare.

UK consumers are more likely than those in the US to use the Internet as a resource in their decision making process throughout the purchase of goods and services of all types. The average UK consumer is eight times more likely to conduct research on multiple sites before making an online purchase. UK consumers are 13 percent more likely to be a frequent online buyer than those in the US

"We were surprised to find that US consumers lag behind their UK counterparts in how they use the Internet to help stretch their dollars in a tough economy," said Yasuhisa "Yaz" Iida, co-president, LinkShare. "The web enables consumers worldwide to make smarter buying decisions with easy access to product research and consumer reviews, as well as a quick ways to check what other consumers think about products. It's clear that retailers looking to weather the current economic storm should expand their presence online, and continue to look for ways to deepen their customer relationships online."

Source: Web Pro News 17th November 2008

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