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Fractional Life October Trade Newsletter

Website Hits Reach Record HeightsFractional Life

Recent statistics (alexa.com, 1/10/08) show that even in these uncertain times advertising with Fractional Life certainly delivers the results.

The number of global internet users to our website have increased by 109% over the prevailing three month period. We work hard to keep our users updated with the latest fractional news, features and listings within the marketplace.

If you’re looking to target our growing user and subscriber base contact Fabrizio@fractionallife.com or call US: +1 646 452 9500, UK: +44 20 8340 7989 to discuss the options available.

Continue here for Fractional Life user stats.
  “He Who Does Nothing Ultimately Dies” -  How To Launch A New Project Now

Island GardensTimes are darn tough... you’re breaking ground for a 5+ star condo/fractional/hotel/mixed use project in Miami which will be adjacent to the largest superyacht marina in the world. You have done your due diligence, have a first class hospitality brand on board and counter to every newspaper article you read, you realize that by the time your project is complete there will be a shortage of new developments, not a glut.

Why? Because Miami's population is growing and new project development has come to a dead stop.

Only one question remains, how do you market it? You get outside your comfort zone, you reach out around the world, to the world-class clientele that wants the lifestyle you offer - luxury, super yacht (we're talking 400 footers - not boats).

Island Gardens is doing just that, a fortnight ago our own Piers Brown participated on an all-star panel at the NY Yacht Club, last week the sales team was in Monaco. They've been to Cannes, Moscow, Vegas, Paris, London. Great projects are finding buyers, great sales teams are getting out there and doing it right, right now. Visit their site for further information.
Upcoming Events

Piers Brown will be speaking at Cityscape Dubai 6th October www.cityscape.ae and the OTE Conference, Madrid 14th October www.ote-info.com offering an insight on the future of fractional ownership and the fractional consumer.

Piers will be available at selected times in both Dubai and Madrid to meet those developers interested in discussing how to target the fractional consumer to drive sales. Contact info@fractionallife.com for more details.
Upcoming October Events

New Condo Hotel Section

With the recent boom in buy-to-let hotel room opportunities in the UK and around the world , we’ve just launched an entirely new category devoted to the subject. Continue here for more details.
Fractional Supplement

Don’t miss your 16 page pull out copy of “A Guide To Fractional Ownership”. Written by Fractional Life and distributed to c.1,500,000 readers with the Daily Telegraph newspaper, the UK’s most popular ABC1 broadsheet on Thursday 9th October. Read more here

Articles Section

Over the coming months we’ll be expanding our Articles section with key contributions from fractional  operators within each sector offering up relevant and useful information for readers to enjoy. If you’re interested in becoming one of the chosen few, email Aaron@fractionallife.com for more details.
Fractional Jets – new operators join the marketplace

Amongst the background of commercial operators having a horrible time with some going into receivership recently and perhaps others following, why has there been a boom in new private aircraft start ups? Here’s the simple answer, the US has around 12,500 jets in operation, the UK and Europe just 2,500 and Asia is waking up to the advantages. Read more here

BJETS eyes push into Asian aircraft management market
Launch of Fractional share exchange and consultancy service
New Fractional Aircraft offering launched
P Diddy flies Fractional after-all
Fractional and Shared Ownership Trade Association

The second meeting of FSOTA took place in a packed office on Friday 19th September in the City of London. Read more here

Middle Class Millionaires – who are they and discover their buying traits?

The Middle-Class MillionaireDespite the gloom in the US, 8.4 million households make up a new generation of millionaires termed the ‘working rich’ who originate from the middle classes in the late 20th Century demonstrating a net worth over $1 million but under $10 million (including their primary residence).

With industry estimates expecting this figure to balloon to around 20 million over the next 10 years, this demographic group mirrors many fractional consumer buyer traits and they are becoming increasingly sought after within the fractional landscape.

Fractional Life has teamed up with Lewis Schiff,  author of “The Middle-Class Millionaire” –the rise of the new rich and how they are changing America, to have a bit of fun and give you the opportunity to discover more about who they are and how to become one yourself by taking a short ‘millionaire psychology’ quiz. Simply click this link and follow the instructions on screen.

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